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 What Is


 Bible Project?

  • The #EmojiBibleProject are conversational study books bringing God’s word to the world through something most people use every day: EMOJIs.

  • These books are for all ages, most people know John 3:16, but probably don’t know the shortest verse in the Bible: John 11:35. Yet almost everyone of every age know what EMOJIs mean, that allows all ages to talk together about the notes as they tie the EMOJIs to God’s Word. 

  • Bible Studies are available online at PocketFullOfFaith.com/extras and are free and downloadable. Or, if you have friends, family, former teammates, classmates that live far away, or just slightly far away, you can discuss the questions, and in a way, study together.

  • The study notes at times point us back to the Bible so we are also gaining even more insight into God’s Word.​

  • The size of the book is intentional – small enough to put in a back pocket; to pull out to read at any time or share with someone, hence the name “Pocket Full of Faith”.

 Here's The Deal

When you donate (this is an example) $20 per week ($1,000 a year):
Every time a book is released (3 times a year) you get 20 books (or whatever the weekly amount you give) shipped to you or to a ministry of your choice. So, we can send five for you and your family and 15 to a youth group, mission team, small group, Bible study, church, etc. or all 20 to you and you can share these with family, friends, co-workers or whoever is in your world! 


ALSO>>>Pocket Full of Faith is currently having EMOJIs and the Gospel of John translated into Spanish, so missionaries in other countries can also be a part of who you choose to donate to. We currently have missions in El Salvador and Panama that these will be sent to upon completion in the summer of 2020!!!

We are a registered non-profit, which means ALL giving is 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE as a charitable donation.

“The Danger of Anger” and the next EMOJI New Testament with a minor prophet or two from the Old Testament are the next books to be released for Father's Day/4th of July 2020 and Christmas 2020.

We are dedicated to making the Bible Accessible through EMOJIs and Bible Studies and we thank you for your support.